Houses, Humanity and Horror.

“She had understood before she had ever dreamed of a city such as this, where every texture, every color, leapt out at you, where every fragrance was a drug, and the air itself was something alive and breathing “

-Anne Rice, The Witching Hour

Even though I love horror movies, I had never really read horror books. I was standing in Value Village staring at the books in my hand. I needed one more to get the deal and I bought it, it was the Witching Hour by Anne Rice. I was curious about it but didn’t pick it up for months. It sat on my shelf lost within all of the other unread books and was often looked over and instead I chose fantasy novels. 

Now it is one of my favorites, the detail that she put into it just astounds me. The houses she describes in such detail, she can bring incredible life into her words. I brought the book everywhere with me for over a year, even though I loved it, it was exhausting to read. It takes you on such a journey of the lives of her characters, and in that it became long. It reminded me of reading George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. Not so much in the style of writing but in the lengthiness of the book. It took me almost a year and I bought the next two books on Amazon immediately after. Anne Rice’s books have now become some of my favorites, and I would love to share some of my favorite things about this book! Happy reading!

  1. Her demons aren’t actually demons in the traditional sense of the word. She writes her demons with such humanity that it is hard not to love them and want the best for them, even though they are the bad guys! I love how she gives them a heart and shows the struggles that they go through, it tears you up and hurts to read because you root for them deep down in a strange sense. It may just be me, but I just love those heart wrenching twists and turns books can take you on and this one does it! She writes him with feelings and a past, and longing and desire. You can feel his emotions through her words, and even though you don’t really know what he is, you love him all the same. And the sex scenes… I’ll leave that for you to read!
  2. The houses!! I am absolutely in love with the setting of this book! Anne Rice set this story in New Orleans and her descriptive writing style brings the houses to life. She describes the colors, the peaks and ridges, landscape and all the architectural detail with such beauty and perfection. I might just be biased, as I am in love with old houses and architecture, however Anne Rice just breathes it to life in a way that I could not imagine. Reading this book has made me want to go to the Garden District, walk those cobblestone streets and marvel at the beauty of all those gorgeous old homes. The history in that city is just astounding.
  3. I enjoy reading books with a bit of a challenge, you need books with a little something extra to challenge your mind and give you something to think about while you are reading. Anne Rice writes in a way, that to me is unpredictable. She writes Lasher in such a way that you don’t know what he will do, where he will go or who he will kill next. The rich history of his life, and of the life of all the other Witches that made him into the astounding character that he is, giving him incredible depth. Reading about the history of the Mayfair Witches was actually my favorite part of this book! I won’t go into too much detail as it is something that needs to be read with your own eyes rather than told to you by me!
  4. Horror! I have not read a lot of horror books, however, the way this book is set up is more of a thriller in my mind, but I may a bit old school in this respect. Slasher movies are my game. Decapitations, blood and guts, I love it all. The mind games are what makes this book what is it. Characters walking around thinking they are going crazy, seeing things, having hallucinations, whole new level of creepy which makes the book what it is. It could have not been written in a better way to convey the desolate situation the characters are placed in.

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