Action and Adventure: Whats not to love?

I remember sitting in my old bedroom at my parents house when I was young. My room was in the basement so it was always freezing. I was wrapped in a warm blanket in bed, reading a James Rollins book. Amazonia. This book reeled me in from the first word and I still love it to this day. The way he described the rain forest, the unpredictability, the danger and the monsters within it… I couldn’t put it down!

Currently I am reading Excavation, so far it’s great and I am having a hard time putting it down! It’s full of adventure and action and is all about Incan tombs, hidden treasure and people who will do anything to get it. His older books, such as Excavation, are stand alone books which I kind of prefer over some of his newer books. I enjoy being able to follow one set of characters on one mission. It’s short, sweet, interesting, and the story doesn’t feel drawn out or boring. This particular book follows a set of archaeologists in Peru… I won’ spoil anything, but it is a great book so far. He catches you from the first word and really makes you feel for his characters and the dire situations he puts them in.

His newer books are a lot different than his older books. His books slowly morphed from jungle hunts and tombs in Peru to agents working in secret government agency to stop terrorists. His newer books also have lots of religious ties and the characters get a lot of their information from The Vatican. So obviously a big switch but he still manages to pump out some amazing books! Seriously, read the Judas Strain (who doesn’t love viruses that almost wipe out the whole planet!?), it’s one my top favorites from him. Or The Kill Switch. Both incredible. I love that his books aren’t just the old run of the mill cop and robber type story, the secret sector of the government aspect really draws me in. It gives such a different vibe to the books and mixed with a little religion and history… it’s phenomenal.

His books a welcome change from Fantasy and Sci-Fi… and I would encourage anyone to check them out! I have read many of his books and there are very few that I don’t absolutely love.


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