Books, books and more books

Does anyone else have a huge stack of books that they haven’t read? You promise yourself that you won’t buy any more until you read at least one from the ever growing pile of unread books… and then you come home with 5 new ones to add to the pile? Every time I see my bookshelves I am overwhelmed with all of the un-read books that I haven’t gotten to yet, however I just can’t stop!

What if you don’t buy it and you end up never seeing it again? Or you can’t remember the name of it and are forever wondering what the name of that book was? (Like that Stephen King book I read when I was 10 and cannot remember the name for the life of me.) Or you just really need the next one in that series? I am great at coming up with excuses to buy books. I can convince myself to get books for any reason you think of. I’m feeling a little down? New book. I’m in a really good mood? New book. I’m stressed and need something comforting? New book. Its bad. It’s almost like a sickness. The feeling of driving home with a new book sitting next to me, daydreaming about snuggling up on my couch with a coffee and fuzzy blanket while cracking my new book open for the first time is like no other.

My stack just keeps growing. I have a stack of “to read” books on my nightstand, the coffee table, my purse on some occasions and I cannot forget the shelves and shelves of books I have set aside for some rainy day that never actually comes. I love it though. I love the options, I love being able to go through my stacks and choose the perfect book for my mood. I get to choose the perfect journey that I want to go on at any given time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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