Transforming your Passions

This post is a little off base from my previous posts, but it has been sticking in my mind all afternoon while I have been thinking about what to write about. How can we use our strengths and passions to assist us in all the other work that we do?

I work with parents and children and work to teach them how to be the best parents that they can be for their children. In working to further my knowledge and learn more skills to better support my clients, I have had my nose stuck into this phenomenal book called Kids These Days by Jody Carrington. She is a child psychologist and works with many parents, children and families who struggle with a myriad of issues. I have had the chance to hear speak and I am absolutely in love with her work with emotional regulation and connection with kids. It is an absolutely incredible book and she is an equally, if not a more phenomenal professional working to make our children to the best that they can be.

Reading is my passion. Hands down. I love to read and through this I have become quite good at it. While I was in elementary school I would read until my teachers took away my books. I remember going over my report cards with my mom. Each year without fail there would be a little, “She reads too much in class” comment, or some variation of “Don’t read in class!” message. I didn’t listen. In University, however, this helped me significantly. I was good at writing papers and compiling research and presenting it in a way that people could understand. Don’t get me wrong I still stayed up until 2am crying over empty Red Bull cans like everyone else, however I did find that paper writing and reading was easy for me.

Fast forward to right now. During my work with clients, I have found that reading, especially Jody Carrington’s book has helped me significantly with working with my clients and promoting professional and personal growth within myself. I read all sorts of books and have even bought myself books on working with children, parents, teaching, counselling, assessments… basically every type of book under the sun in order to help me grow. Books aren’t just to get lost in a make up magical world, they are also around to teach us how to be better humans, and that in itself is a beautiful thing


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