About Me

Launched in 2019, this blog is all about books and reading for all those wonderful people who love all things books!

If you love books, reading and some of my random thoughts on those topics then this is the place for you! I post everything from personal reviews on my favorite reads, my thoughts and opinions on different book related topics and all things in between!

My name is Monica and I am a pure bred Canadian girl living in central Alberta. My love for reading came at an early age, when I was reading the Outsiders and Dracula for fun instead of reading the more “age appropriate” books my teachers tried to provide me with. I have always found a passion in reading and books, and found that they filled a hole in my life that could not be filled in other ways. I would read in class when I was supposed to be working, and would frequently stay up well into the night to finish my next favorite.

I am here to share this love of reading with all of you wonderful people, to give you new books to read and to share my passion of reading. I hope that in reading this blog you can see a little bit of the magic that I see everyday when I pick up that next book! Hit that follow button and receive all of my latest posts and updates on all things books and reading!

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