Are Books Becoming Obsolete?

Are books becoming obsolete? In the age of instant gratification and technology, are our favorite paper filled books becoming a dead means to transmit our thoughts and knowledge? Some may say no, and are adamant that books will be around forever but some are forging a new path in how we read books. Do you know what I am talking about? Kindles!

Kindles are great for so many reasons. If you have ever flown before and read like I do, you’ll know how inconvenient it is to have to pack your entire bag full of books and have to tote them around with you for the entire trip. It is not fun and those novels are now taking up space for all the fun souvenirs you could get! Kindles are so easy to fit in your purse while waiting at your doctors office, while travelling or on long drives. They provide people with the convenience of owning books and reading, and eliminates the need for storage for your books and makes reading on the go a breeze. I understand the need and want for them, they are so convenient! Check out my previous post on the struggles of having way too many books here!

Do they provide you with the wonderful old book smell when you crack open an old novel? Do they give you the satisfaction of holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages as you read? No. Maybe i’m just old school, but being able to hold the book in your hands and experience the book as you are reading is almost as important as the story itself. Books provide you with an experience, while Kindles just provide you with a story. I am pro book and probably will never own a Kindle… I just love owning my own hard copies of my books. What are your thoughts? What is your go-to method to read your books?


One Reply to “Are Books Becoming Obsolete?”

  1. I like my old Sony e-reader. It’s light and doesn’t need charging as often as the tablet I use to read Kindle books (the e-reader doesn’t work with them). But after using those devices, I have to say paper books beat them in that they don’t shut themselves off when you leave them for a few minutes, and they never need recharging. Both are good in their own ways.

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